Progetto CMR
Milan, Rome, Athens, Istanbul

Progetto CMR is an architectural practice specialized in integrated design at every scale, with an international experience in master planning, building design, space planning, interior and product design, as well as engineering services, from Concept Design to Construction Supervision.

The practice is headquartered in Milan and has offices in Rome, Athens, Prague, Istanbul, Beijing, Tianjin, Chennai, Bahrain, Singapore and Jakarta.

Thanks to a methodology based on the analysis of client needs, Progetto CMR is delivering versatile, efficient, sustainable architecture for the office, residential, hotel, retail and sport venues sectors, providing the client with an added value: the combination of local expertise with a strong international edge, via an ethical approach to architecture that respects the environment and local culture.


Ferriere Nord - Gruppo Pittini office building

Ferriere Nord - Gruppo Pittini office building | Osoppo, Udine, Italy | 2014
Office | GFA: 5,100 m²
Client: Gruppo Pittini

Beni Stabili 'San Nicolao'

Beni Stabili "San Nicolao" | Milan, Italy | 2014
Office | GFA: 12,170 m²
Client: Beni Stabili

Beni Stabili 'Garibaldi Area'

Beni Stabili "Garibaldi Area" | Milan, Italy | Tower A: 2012 / Tower B: 2010
Office | GFA: 69,000 m²
Client: Beni Stabili

Mistral & Miray mixed use complex

Mistral & Miray mixed use complex | Izmir, Turkey | in progress
Mixed Use | GFA: 120,000 m²
Client: Mistral & Miray

Beni Stabili, La Stampa

Beni Stabili, La Stampa | Turin, Italy | 2012
Office | GFA: 33,850 m²
Client: Beni Stabili

Addamiano 'Corti Nuove'

Addamiano "Corti Nuove" | Como, Italy | 2011
Residential + Retail | GFA: 11,000 m²
Client: Addamiano

Purple Jade Riverside Resort

Purple Jade Riverside Resort | Changbaishan (Jilin), China | 2011
Hospitality | GFA: 25,000 m²
Client: Beijing Purple Jade Villas Real Estate Development

Autogrill 'ArcheoMall'

Autogrill "ArcheoMall" | Casilina Est, Castrocielo (Frosinone); Italy | 2008
Hospitality | GFA: 2,000 m²
Client: Autogrill

National Stadium of Tirana

National Stadium of Tirana | Tirana, Albania | in progress
(in association with Estudio Lamela)
Sport + Leisure | GFA: 44,450 m² / 22,000 seats
Client: Serenissima Costruzioni

Customer Center

Customer Center | Milan, Italy | 2014
Office + Interior Design | GFA: 1,500 m²
Client: Banca Popolare di Milano