The success of the EAN European Architects Network in the last years has been underpinned by our understanding of local markets, along with the bringing-together of international specialists to work on projects in the major capital cities of Europe.

We collaborate with our Clients to find solutions to sustainable design; we are aware that, as designers, we need to help reduce carbon emissions and limit the damaging effects of climate change.

The EAN European Architects Network is unique in Europe and demonstrates a capability to deliver design innovation, expertise and knowledge in a truly collaborative and seamless way.

Astro Tower

[Altiplan° Architects with Estudio Lamela:]
01. Astro Tower | Brussels | 2016
Corporate + Renovation | GFA: 40,500 m²
Client: Luri1 & Luri2 s.a. Banco Santander Group

National Stadium Tirana

[Estudio Lamela with PCMR:]
02. Tirana Stadium | Albania | 2013
Sport + Leisure | GFA: 43,000 m²
Client: Serenissima Construzioni

Notre Dame Des Landes Nantes - airport competition

[Arte Charpentier with HOK:]
03. TARANIS AIRPORT - Competition | Notre Dame des Landes, France | 2010
Aviation + Transport | GFA: 35 000m²
Client: DGAC

John Deere HQ

[Estudio Lamela with HOK:]
04. John Deere HQ | Spain | 2009
Corporate | GFA: 5.300 m²
Client: John Deere

Pepperdine University

[HOK with TCHOBAN VOSS Architekten:]
05. Pepperdine University | Germany | 2015
Conservation + Residential | GFA: 1.533 m²
Client: Pepperdine University

Fondazione RI.MED

[HOK with PCMR:]
06. Fondazione RI.MED | Carini, Sicily | 2015
Research | GFA: 32.000 m²
Client: Fondazione RI.MED